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Uraeus from a royal crown, Dyn. 18

Two cobras from the queen’s crown

Bronze feather, horn and cobra, N. K.

Monumental bronze feather, Dyn. 18


Ensign finial, two leopards, 1000-800 BC


Nekhbet, vulture-goddess of Nekheb

Bronze cobra as Goddess Tefnut, Dyn. 17

Staff finial,Tefnut rearing up, Dyn. 20-21

Staff finial, Thoth as a baboon, Dyn. 26

Wooden cobra with solar disc


Relief of king offering small jars, Dyn. 19

Relief, reign of Ramesses II, Dyn.19

Relief, procession of priests, Dyn. 19


Pillar capital, Hathor, Dyn. 18

Other clothing

Dress adornment, Roman, 30 BC-100 AD

Dress adornment, Roman, 30 BC-100 AD

Furniture decoration

King wearing the royal headdress, Dyn. 18

Bronze Zeus wearing kalathos, 150-30 BC

Bronze furniture accent, Rome, 28-280 AD

Bronze wolf, Rome, 200-100 BC

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