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Carved face from a sarcophagus, N.K.

Face from a sarcophagus lid, Dyn. 26

Head of a sarcophagus lid, 590-350 BC

Granite cartouche of Akhenaten, Dyn. 18

Foundation marker from Amenhotep III

Foundation marker from Seti I, Dyn.19

Relief of king offering small jars, Dyn. 19

Relief, reign of Ramesses II, Dyn.19

Relief, procession of priests, Dyn. 19

Ivory kohl stick

Copper and wood mirror, Dyn. 8

Bronze mirror, double Horus, Dyn. 12

Anthropomorphic mirror handle, Dyn. 18

Amratian cosmetic palette, 4000-3500 BC

Fish cosmetic palette, 4000-3500 BC

Copper inlay for a box, Dyn. 18

Inlay or game piece, Egypt, 100-300 AD

Wooden headrest, Egypt

Extensible bronze bracelet, Dyn. 18

Uraeus from a royal crown, Dyn. 18

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