Imsety canopic jar of Osorkon, Dyn. 19

Imsety canopic jar of Osorkon, Dyn. 19
Period:Egypt, New Kingdom, Dynasty 19
Dating:1298 BC–1069 BC
Origin:Egypt, Lower Egypt
Material:Stone (undetermined)
Physical:29.3cm. (11.4 in.) - 6000 g. (211.8 oz.)

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  This finely carved alabaster jar is one of the four canopic jars of a New Kingdom dignitary named Osorkon (Wsrkn). Following tradition, the stopper is in the image of Imsety (Imst), son of Horus, indicating that the jar contains the liver of the deceased. The jar has not been violated and still contains the organ steeped in bitumen, probably along with protective amulets and jewelry. Dynasty 19 (1298-1069 BC).

The hieroglyphs read: “Words by Isis, I am in control - Osiris is the protection of the face of Imsety who is here - I am the protection of Osiris Osorkon the praised protection - Osiris Osorkon, near me, the justified, Imsety” (dd mdw n ast sw hrp i stp nfrt - wsir sa hr imst nty im - i sa wsir wsrkn sa hk sy - wsir wsrkn pn mac hrw imst).

Conservation note: improper storage in the 1980’s caused some of the bitumen to flow while the jar was stored horizontally, exposing some liver tissue to the air.

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